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Miss Alison Leonard (Director)

Mr Connor Mc Kiver (Director)


Dr Caroline Pereira (Director)

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Welcome to Love Hockey Ireland

Love Hockey Ireland was established in February 2010 as a non profit organisation set up to facilitate the integration of people of all backgrounds in local communities through the sport of Inline Hockey. In January 2011 we attained charity status in the UK. Love Hockey Ireland is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

In September 2010 the organisation opened up applications for membership, from all individuals and organisations interested in supporting our aims and objectives.

Inline Hockey in Ireland

Modern day Irish society has transformed significantly in the last decade. Foreign nationals now make up over 10% of Irish society according to national census. Integration into local society is sometimes difficult, our organisation sees Inline hockey as a platform to bring people from all cultures, religions, socio-economic background, political background, physical ability, gender, age, and sexual orientation together.

In 2013 we launch our new programme S.T.A.R (Skating Together Advancing Relations) This programme will see us working with three target audiences:

  • School Programme (Aged 8 -12)
  • Youth Programme (Aged 15-25)
  • Ethnic Minority Programme (All ages)
The programmes will operate in the Southern Cluster area of Northern Ireland which includes, Armagh, Newry, Banbridge and Craigavon councils.

This programme has been financed through the EU’s PEACE lll Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered by the Southern Partnership.

Our Mission

The charity’s objects are specifically restricted to the advancement of amateur
sport and physical education, to promote equality and diversity and to
promote community participation in healthy recreation by the provision or
assistance in the provision of facilities for the playing of inline hockey and
other sports capable of improving health.

This aim includes the general public but in particular children and young people in Northern Ireland and its environs of the Republic of Ireland but not exclusively, without distinction of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability/ability, race, ethnic origin,political, religious or other opinion by associating the statutory authorities,voluntary organisations and the inhabitants in a common effort to improve the conditions of life for the beneficiaries in the interests of social welfare and in particular:

(a)       To advance physical education and promote amateur sport through the training, teaching, coaching, playing and competition of inline hockey and through such other means at the trustees think fit in accordance with the law of charity

(b)       To encourage youth participation through the provision of a safe environment for children to learn and participate in inline hockey so as to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities

(c)        To relieve poverty by enabling the beneficiaries to participate in inline hockey and other recreational activities through the provision of funds towards equipment and coaching which they would not otherwise be able to afford]

(d)      To advance the education of the beneficiaries by the provision of exchange programmes from different cultures and countries in the area of benefit]

(e)       To promote the health of persons who are disabled by encouraging, developing and promoting the sport of sledge hockey in order to improve their conditions of life and to assist in their integration into society

(f)       To promote and foster racial and ethnic harmony and diversity through the promotion of activities to foster knowledge and mutual understanding between people from diverse backgrounds through the provision of recreational facilities and events involving the local community

(g)      To advance any other exclusively charitable purpose as the directors, may from time to time, decide in accordance with the law of charity


S.T.A.R Programme

Our Skating Together Advancing Relations (S.T.A.R) is financed through the EU’s PEACE lll Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered by the Southern Partnership. The programme will focus on using the sport of Inline Hockey to bring people together, break down barriers and have a lasting impact within the Southern Cluster area upon community relations. The aim of the project is to deliver a schools outreach programme, youth engagement programme and ethnic minority programme to enhance cross community relations and aid the integration of ethnic minority groups into local communities.

The Good Relations and Integrating Communities project will include a series of good relations workshops which will be delivered in conjunction with coaching activities, taster sessions and other events. This work will culminate in the development and production of a 3 year Good Relations Strategy to offer a clear element of sustainability to the project post its completion. The project will be delivered Cluster wide and also have a cross border element.


Our Partners


Our Partners