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BME Programme Launched

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BME Programme Launched

Love Hockey Ireland recognises the role sport can play on developing communities. In Northern Ireland due to the segregation and conflict within and between communities, many sports have been attributed to one section of the community and therefore in cases marginalised other sections of the community from participating.

Inline hockey is unique in that it is a relatively new sport to be introduced within Northern Ireland and is free from any stigma that has been attributed to other sports. Irish society has changed over the last decade with 10% of the population now made up off foreign nationals according to national census.

The concept of Love Hockey Ireland was formed from first hand experience of the capabilities Inline Hockey has to help integrate members of the BME community with the local communities. As part of our S.T.A.R programme, Love Hockey Ireland is delighted to launch a BME specific programme starting in 2013.

We are keen to engage with youth groups across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, For More Information please call our Development Officer on 07779297414 or contact us by email here

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