Love Hockey Ireland l Skating Together Advancing Relations (S.T.A.R)


Our Schools engagement started in early 2012 when we held our first pilot school camp with the Saints & Scholars primary school Armagh, Primary 6 class. During this pilot programme we  received confirmation of funding for our S.T.A.R Programme and as a result we were able to gain valuable experience on how best to deliver such a schools programme.

During this pilot we recorded some sessions, interviewed some of the children and their teacher to get their views on how they found the programme. This video can now be watched on our LHI TV page here.

Events planned as part of the S.T.A.R Programme include:

  • Recruitment of schools on cross community basis
  • 10 week coaching programme
  • 4 good relations workshops during the coaching programme (1 in each council area)
  • 4 x Inter Schools Games (1 Good Relations workshop at each session)
  • Schools celebration event to include 2 workshops, exhibition games and small competition
  • Work with 8 schools on a cross community basis

240 participants

  • Develop cross community relationships at a schools level
  • Bring together young people from all sections of the community
  • Provide a setting for young people to develop relationships with others from across the Cluster area
  • Address issues such as sectarianism and racism

Good Relation themes which will run through all aspects of the School programme and will focus on the following:

  • Challenge perceptions and break down barriers at a young age


We are keen to engage with youth groups across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, For More Information please call our Development Officer on 07779297414 or contact us by email here