Love Hockey Ireland l Skating Together Advancing Relations (S.T.A.R)


Youth aged 16-25

Our Youth engagement kicks off in early 2013 as part of the S.T.A.R programme, which is fully funded to take place in the Southern Cluster area of Northern Ireland.

During this programme we will be engaging with youth groups in the Southern Cluster Areas of Northern Ireland focusing on ages 16-25.




Events planned as part of the S.T.A.R Programme include:

  • Exhibition Games x 4 – 1 in each council area
  • Taster sessions x 4 – 1 in each council area
  • 4 week coaching programme – with 1 Good Relations workshop in each area and 1 trip to Belfast Giants game for participants
  •  4 week coaching programme with 2 x 2 day workshop / coaching clinic. To include workshops on: equity in sport, inclusive games, being an asset and volunteering in the community
  • Small end of programme event


Good Relation themes which will run through all aspects of the Youth programme and will focus on the following:

  • Developing cross community relationships at a youth level
  • Bring together young people from all sections of the community
  • Provide a setting for young people to develop relationships with others from across the Cluster area
  • Address issues such as sectarianism and racism
  • Challenge perceptions and break down barriers at a young age
  • Offer a positive programme which will dissuade young people from getting involved in criminal activity, sectarian related incidents and have benefits to other areas of their lives

We are keen to engage with youth groups across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, For More Information please call our Development Officer on 07779297414 or contact us by email here